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We provide 100% personalized lessons, prepared by the best players and professionals in the sector, both for those who want to learn and for those who want to improve their technique. Our Company also provides support to Clubs, creating training programs that are always updated and incisive, increasing financial income.

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Padel Courses 2023*

New courses in Mallorca

Train on the enchanting island of Mallorca, the courses will start in February 2023. Write to us or contact us on Whatsapp to customize your course.

Price List *Travel and accommodation costs not included:
*Travel and accommodation costs not included

• Individual €60
• 2 people €40 each.
• 4 people €20 each.

Reservations close Oct. 21

Evento Padel iniziato!
November 11-13, 2022
November padel clinic

Learn and train like a pro with our exclusive 3-day course in Spain.
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October 28-30, 2022

3-day padel clinic in Madrid

Learn and train like a pro with our exclusive 3-day course in Spain.

November 11-13, 2022

3-day padel clinic in Madrid

Learn and train like a pro with our exclusive 3-day course in Spain.

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You discover

the academy

It is a new way to increase the Padel movement, both male and female, as well as the youth sector.

The most classic “Clinic” held by professional players certainly brings various advantages: it brings prestige to the host Club and makes the participants spend a pleasant weekend, who are able to meet and get to know their favorites.
During the Clinics, however, the technical aspect of the game is neglected, leaving little room for learning and the didactic sphere.
Precisely for this reason ours is a different method: with “THE HAC METHOD” , invented by Horacio Álvarez Clementi , continuous quality teaching is expected.

A new method to teach Padel: “THE HAC METHOD” or Academy, is a container for bringing together all the new teaching techniques of this wonderful sport. Designed for everyone, but above all to make the Masters of Clubs grow in order to transfer the best way to play in their teaching to their students and players, whether at a competitive or simply amateur level.

The owners of the clubs have a fundamental role in making the movement grow with us, after all they have invested to create their Club therefore the growth of the Padel movement can only bring benefits: QUALITATIVE GROWTH OF THE MOVEMENT = GROWTH OF FINANCIAL INCOME AND MORE EMPLOYMENT OF THE FIELDS.

We have the presumption of bringing to Italy a completely innovative teaching method, a “CONTINUOUS” teaching to ensure that your Club stands out from the others, and that it can resist the losses that will inevitably occur when the Padel growth curve will normalize. .

Clubs that have invested in innovation and training will stand out and be able to support the demand for QUALITY .

Quality that will make your Club grow and keep it in step with the times as well as protected from market changes.

Sun, sea, relax
& padel

Live a dream experience immersed in fun and Padel.
A group holiday in a private villa with your friends, surrounded by comforts and people as passionate about Padel as you are.

vacanza Padel Mallorca Majorca

holiday immersed in padel

private villa with your friends

Relax vacanza Padel Mallorca Majorca

relax, comfort and fun

Gruppo vacanza Pro Padel Mallorca Maiorca


What do

we do

We have the presumption for the experience of our collaborators that it is not enough to build Padel Fields, but it becomes essential in the management and management of the clubs to rely on professionals who can give you all the indications and suggestions to grow your Club under the ‘technical-entrepreneurial aspect, to increase the movement and financial revenues. All this will be at your disposal. BELIEVE US !!!

There will be another big news to the clubs that will join this program, we will offer a free whatsapp number of one of our collaborators for one year who will follow you both from the managerial point of view, and from the technical / competitive / sporting aspect giving you advice and ways how to solve various problems that at the moment seem unsolvable to you.

Program to become

the best


  • 2-hour training in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon
  • Creations of groups based on the level of play
  • Introduction and objectives of the clinic
  • Basics of physical pre-game warm-up
  • Offensive and defensive techniques and tactics
  • Game positions and situations
  • Review and questions
  • Technical review of the attack shots
  • Offensive tactics of attack
  • Post workout stretch


  • 2 hour workout in the morning
  • Creations of groups based on the level of play
  • Introduction and objectives of the clinic
  • Basics of physical pre-game warm-up


Teacher trainer



Theoretical and practical concepts

  • Differentiation in play and teaching
  • Class format based on game levels Distribution of lesson time (basket work, dribble, competition)
  • Instructions for each exercise and time for correction.
  • Rhythm of the class for the different levels of play. Beginners, advanced beginners, advanced and competition levels.
  • Student video analysis (comparative movement mechanics of students and players at different levels of play).
  • Simulation of corrections through images of students playing (errors and corrections).
  • Teaching and updating of the technique of defensive strikes. Forehand and backhand without wall bounce and with side wall bounce, double wall, rotations and against wall. Globe. Service and service response. The most frequent errors and corrections of all shots.
  • Teaching and updating of the striking technique of the attacking game, forehand and backhand volley, smash and viper. The most frequent errors and corrections of all shots.
  • Management of effects based on the level of play of the students.
  • Flat, slice and overhead shots.
  • Exercises on the pitch and goals of each one (basket, dribble, competition).


Tactical and strategic concepts

  • Playing position of the defending couple
  • Playing position of the attacking couple
  • Neutral zone
  • Floating game position (traffic light)
  • Basic tactical concept of game level 1. For beginners and advanced beginners.
  • Medium tactical concept of game level 2. For advanced lower and upper level students.
  • Level 3 Advanced Tactical Concept. For competitive level players.
  • Fundamentals of Ball Control Generation
  • Analysis of the potential of one’s partner and that of the opponent with their individualities.
  • Choice of game partner
  • Game administration by keeping score


Padel school for children

  • Organization of the padel school for children (from 5 to 15 years).
  • Characteristics of children according to age and their fundamentals.
  • Psychological aspects as a function of age.
  • Motivation. Methodology for children
  • Exercises, groups, games.
  • Motor characteristics in the different facets
  • Specific physical exercises to improve motor coordination.
  • Teaching techniques for children

Experience a dream vacation immersed in the world of Padel: three days of in the various Italian clubs where we are affiliated; 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon with quality Spanish masters.

We will also have agreements with hotels or farmhouses in the area to also provide customers with comfort, relaxation and tourist knowledge of the Italian territory: Tuscany, Sardinia, Sicily, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy, but also in Spain itself in Majorca, where we already have a partner who does the teacher and knows in depth the territory and the various clubs of the island.

Holidays, Sports and Tourism

Tasting dishes

Quality Padel

Welcoming infrastructure


We are

Pro Padel is a Service Company specializing in providing Clubs with: coaches, teachers and professional players.

We give every single club the opportunity to create ITS OWN ACADEMY which is based on the world’s most recognized teaching, the “HAC METHOD”, providing as support coaches who come from Spain, directly from Horacio Álvarez Clementi’s academy.

We also give the possibility to create groups to go directly to train at the Academy which is located in Madrid, Spain to be able to compete with Spanish players.

Our team believes in the development of Padel as a sport, physical and recreational activity for adults and adolescents as a fundamental activity, although it has an important role in our society like all other sports.

We are aware that sport is a solid basis for discipline, for the culture of body care and for forming a good attitude. It adds years to life and improves its quality, thanks to the obvious benefits it has on the mind.

For this reason, we propose and carry out sports projects that serve and promote the physical care of sportsmen, through adequate structures that respect the rules governing this type of public space.

Today we find ourselves at a time when the current model that supports sport, especially at school age, is obsolete. This situation makes it necessary to resume physical and sporting activities.

We are honored to have in our ranks JORGE RODRIGUEZ and HORACIO ÁLVAREZ CLEMENTI coach / athletic trainer of the top 4 players in the world with a unique knowledge of both the competitive sector and for the creation of Clinic Events / Tournaments and representations with professional players.



Nives missana

President of Pro Padel World

Former Venezuelan tennis player who has represented her country all over the world in various international tournaments: among the most important the tournaments of Wimbledon and Roland Garros Junior.

Graduated in Architecture from the University of Caracas José Maria Vargas.

  • PTR(Professional Tennis Registry)
  • Instructor Course 1st Grade 2022

moreno valentich

Administrative Management and Marketing

I was President of a football club bringing it from the Promotion in excellence a first team and about 250 boys from the youth sector.
I organized youth camps with Real Madrid.

I also built relationships with many Serie A teams and collaborated with the youth sector. Finally, I brought the semifinal of the Gradisca Milan-Atletico de Minejro youth tournament to Trieste.


Sales Manager

Eng. Marzio Lorenzini, after 30 years abroad, where I covered positions from Manager to VP and President in various international and multinational companies.

Passionate about Padel I want to contribute to the development of this beautiful sport by providing my experience in marketing and managing.


Instructor Manager/Coordinator

Agonist tennis player from 8 years old. Since 2009 he has dedicated himself to Padel, obtaining victories in various Italian and Spanish tournaments, titles that place him in the first category.

  • FPIB (Federación de Padel Islas Baleares) – 1st Grade Course 2019
  • Sanchez-Casal Academy Barcelona – Coach Titulation 2018
  • PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) – 1st Grade Instructor Course 2012
  • FIT (Italian Tennis Federation) – 2011 1st Grade Instructor Course.
  • UISP (Italian Union of Sport for All) – 1st Grade Instructor Course 2009

Jesica Brys


Tennis and Padel player since she was 4 years old.

  • Best ranking AJPP (Asociación de jugadores profesionales de Padel) no. 21.
  • 3 consecutive years (2019,2020,2021) 3rd, in the Spanish Championship for regional absolute teams.
  • No. 132 Best WPT (World Padel Tour) ranking.
  • 2009 IAT (Argentine Institute of Tennis) tennis teacher. Approved by the Argentine Tennis Association.
  • Nito Brea Padel Instructor Course no. 1, approved by the Argentine Padel Association. (2018).
  • Padel instructor course no. 1, approved by the Spanish Federation. (2019).
  • Spain’s championship of regional veteran padel selections.(2021)
  • Championship of Spain by absolute regional Padel teams. (2021)
  • Championship of Spain by veteran teams 2nd (2022)
Team Pro Padel Jesica Daiana Brys
Team Pro Padel Francesco Mendo



  • 2nd level Padel Instructor (FIT) 2022
  • 2nd degree Tennis Instructor (FIT) 2015
  • Degree in Sports Science (UNIPEGASO) 2020
  • Best tennis single ranking 1338 (ATP) 2013
  • Best tennis double ranking 941 (ATP) 2013



Horacio Álvarez clementi

Former Professional Player –  WPT coach 

Ranked # 1 in the world rankings 1988/89/90 and 91 together with Alejandro Lasaigues. Champion of the Professional Circuit and Spanish Master 1989. World champion with the Argentine national team at the 1992 World Cup in Argentina. Captain of the team that became World Champion in Argentina in 1994 and in Spain in 1996.

Coach of the best players in the world: Hernán Auguste, Alejandro Lasaigues, Roby Gattiker, Pablo Semprún, Mariano Lasaigues, Sebastian Nerone, Gabriel Reca, Matias Diaz, Miguel Lamperti, Ramiro Moyano, Maxi Grabiel, Willy Lahoz, Alvaro Cepero, Fernando Belasteguin, Pablo Lima, Maxi Sanchez, Sanyo Guitierrez, Paquito Navarro, Agustín Tapia …

Jorge Rodriguez

WPT Athletic Trainer – Strategist

Among our collaborators and Testimonials who immediately believed in our project, Jorge Rodriguez, current trainer of Lebron, Pachito Navarro and other World Padel players.

Great professional who has made himself available to make this project grow by making available not only professional players and masters, but also his great international experience in this sport.

He has organized events with professional players all over the world and provided the various clubs with high quality teachers.

We collaborate


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Il nostro ristorante si trova nel quartiere di Chamberí, con una decorazione moderna e minimalista disegnata da Ignacio García de Vinuesa; è diviso in tre spazi: la sala principale per 50 commensali, una sala al piano superiore per altri 25 e una sala privata per 12 persone.

Abbiamo un menu in cui la cucina più tradizionale convive con piatti moderni preparati con cura, dando sempre risalto al prodotto e con una massima che obbedisce al nome del ristorante, cucinare con amore.