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23-24 July 2022

do you like padel? Then you're in the right place!

Learn and train like a pro with our exclusive 2-days course in Spain.

Start learning

from the best

Do you find it difficult to improve your technique?

It is right to play Padel, but if you want to improve you have to do it in the right way.

People who are interested in this sport are constantly growing, but enthusiasm is not enough to get noticed and become a true padel player .

Being prepared in any field, both in theory and in practice, is essential. Knowing how to choose the racket, knowing the rules, having perseverance and discipline are the basis for approaching the world of Padel in the most correct way.

In this course

you will learn:

Do you want to improve your technique, stop wondering if what you are doing is really correct and get noticed?

Today, this dream can easily come true. Much faster than you think.

Thanks to our tailor-made course , you will be able to reach your every goal.

You will be professionally trained and followed by the best coaches in the world .

The course will last two days and will be divided into two parts, alternating 60 “sessions of athletic training with theory and 90” of technical work on the padel court with theory, morning and afternoon.

A course

tailored for you

Your journey begins with a key question: what do you really care about and what urgent need are you going to solve?

Ours is the most recognized teaching method in the world: “THE HAC METHOD” , invented by Horacio Álvarez Clementi , provides a continuous quality path able to satisfy all your requests.

Train by applying the methodology created and updated for 30 years, training coaches all over the world and preparing the best players.

The course contents will be as follows:

  • Fundamental concepts of the game of Padel (definitions)
  • Methodical principles (global and analytical)
  • Correction techniques Diagnosis Corrections Most common technical errors Time for incorporation of the new concept.
  • Rhythms of each class based on the level of the students. Communication between the teacher and the students.
  • Instructions according to the game levels. Positioning of the basket on the field for every exercise and need.
  • Ball throwing technique based on the level of each class (rhythm, ball frequency, quantity of balls based on exercise, difficulty of throwing and quality of throwing).
  • Swing analysis for different levels of students
  • Steps for the evolution of the student’s swing.
  • Working with progressions and their benefits.
  • Visualization technique.
  • Teacher-student relationship.

Are you excited about the course content? Wait to read the training program!

The program of

Work out

Away from the world of professionals, the average padel player plays a lot of games, but rarely trains. Yet working on certain aspects of the game is crucial: here is the training program that you will face during our course.

  • Differentiation in play and teaching
  • Class format based on game levels distribution of lesson time (basket work, dribble, competition)
  • Instructions for each exercise and time for correction.
  • Rhythm of the class for the different levels of play.
  • Beginners, advanced beginners, advanced and competition levels.
  • Student video analysis (comparative movement mechanics of students and players at different levels of play).
  • Simulation of corrections through images of students playing (errors and corrections).
  • Teaching and updating of the technique of defensive strikes. Forehand and backhand without wall bounce and with side wall bounce, double wall, rotations and against wall. Globe. Service and service response. The most frequent errors and corrections of all shots.
  • Teaching and updating of the striking technique of the attacking game, forehand and backhand volley, smash and viper. The most frequent errors and corrections of all shots.
  • Management of effects based on the level of play of the students.
  • Flat, slice and overhead shots.
  • Exercises on the pitch and goals of each one (basket, dribble, competition).

Pro Padel and the

hac method

Pro Padel World has as its main objective the implementation and development of the padel in the countries where this wonderful and successful sport is constantly growing.

As part of the development of teaching, through training courses for instructors, coaches and players, we promote the HAC method created by Horacio Álvarez Clementi , who is in charge and accompanied by Jorge Rodriguez Lorenzo with his specific athletic training for the padel.

Since 1987 Horacio has trained more than 4,000 professionals including teachers, coaches and players from many countries. With an educational goal, he has always paid particular attention to the training of teachers, coaches, padel schools of associations or federations and in social or private clubs.

The main purpose of the course is to professionally train teachers and coaches who will be responsible for the correct dissemination of the playing technique to current and future amateur and professional players.

He has coached numerous successful players of the professional padel elite, among which we can mention Alejandro Lasaigues, Roberto Gattiker, Mariano Lasaigues, Hernán Auguste, Javier Siro, Maxi Gabriel, Fernando Poggi, Miguel Lamperti, Matías Díaz, Juan Lebrón, Paquito Navarro and currently Sebastián Nerone, Gaby Reca, Matías Marina, among others.

In addition to his work and entrepreneurial experience, his sporting achievements include being world champion for four years alongside Alejandro Lasaigues, several times captain of the Argentine padel team and reference for professional padel and sports schools.

A course that will make you

grow up

  • Playing position of the defending couple
  • Playing position of the attacking couple
  • Neutral zone
  • Floating game position (traffic light)
  • Basic tactical concept of game level 1. For beginners and advanced beginners.
  • Medium tactical concept of game level 2. For advanced lower and upper level students.
  • Level 3 Advanced Tactical Concept . For competitive level players.
  • Fundamentals of Ball Control Generation
  • Analysis of the potential of one’s partner and that of the opponent with their individualities.
  • Choice of game partner
  • Game administration by keeping score

What they say

about us

Not the avarage


You will be trained directly in the Academy in Madrid of the ex-world champion Horacio Álvarez Clementi , with a continuously updated course.

You will be the one to make the world of Padel grow by transferring the teachings of the best in the world to other players or to your students, whether at a competitive or simply amateur level.

You will have the opportunity to personally compare yourself with the best coaches , finding answers and solutions to specific questions about doubts or personal experiences.

Details of the


Date, place and times of the course:

The course will last 2 days , on 23 and 24 July 2022 at the Pádel People Club
Ricardo León 2, Torrelodones, Madrid (Spain).

The lesson times will be *:
Saturday: from 10:00 to 12:30 and from 15:30 to 18:00
Sunday: from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:30 to 18:00

(*) Course schedules may vary

Course development:

The course will last two days and will be divided into two parts, alternating 60¨ sessions of athletic training with theory and 90¨ of technical work on the padel court with theory, morning and afternoon.


Padel players and instructors who have an intermediate level of play and who wish to teach or improve their game concepts through our teaching methodology can enroll.

Course leaders:

Horacio Álvarez Clementi and Jorge Rodriguez Lorenzo.

Below are 3 of the hotels we feel we can recommend where you can stay overnight.
They are in an ideal location to discover Madrid in the most comfortable way. These hotels are located near Plaza de España, a stone’s throw from Gran Vía, a 10-minute walk from Madrid’s Royal Palace and a 15-minute walk from Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor.

Hotel Pestana CR7

Hotel Princesa Plaza

Hotel Barceló Torre De Madrid


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In addition to the course, you will receive 30 minutes of free online consultation.

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Summary and benefits

of the course

2 days in Madrid

On 24 and 25 July 2022 at the Club Pádel People, Ricardo León 2, Torrelodones, Madrid (Spain)


For both days the hours will be from 10:00 to 12:30 and from 15:30 to 18:00. (course times may vary)

HAC method

The classes will follow the HAC Method, created by Horacio Álvarez Clementi, who is its leader and accompanied by Jorge Rodriguez.

End of course certificate

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of participation.

Open conversation

You will have the opportunity to compare yourself with the best coaches, finding answers and solutions to specific questions about doubts or personal experiences.

Free advice

In addition to the course, you will receive 30 minutes of free online consultation as a bonus.

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Do you like padel? Then you're in the right place!

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